Friday Romance Reads To Devour 1/20

Friday Romance Reads To Devour 1/20

Stranded With Billionaire Grumpy Pants: BWWM Enemies-to-Lovers Billionaire Romance

Chanel’s about to jump off a bridge. A single mother of a teen daughter in a wheelchair, she loves her job but hates her annoying, yet fine-as-wine, billionaire boss.

Wesley Babcock is the biggest jerk on the planet: rude, disrespectful, arrogant, and he thinks the world revolves around his needs. Chanel’s sick of it!

Needing to get away and having an employee discount for a vacation to Wesley’s wilderness resort, Chanel and her daughter take off for a trip during Memorial Weekend. Chanel’s looking forward to having some fun until she sees who else has shown up.

Yep, Mr. Grumpy Money Bags Himself.

And if that’s not bad enough, Chanel signs up for a nature hike only to get lost with… yeah, you guessed it.

Chanel and Wesley cross each other’s paths constantly during the weekend, but can they stop bickering long enough to realize they’re incredibly attracted to each other?

Tropes: billionaire, age gap, office romance, romantic comedy, single-mother romance


Bear (Alpha Riders MC #4)
Audrey Bell

The tough biker will have to lay everything on the line to fight for this single mother’s heart.



With two younger brothers and a motorcycle club full of hot-headed men to look after, my hands are full. But when the curvy single mother, Shelby, moves in next door with her precious baby girl, I can’t resist helping out.

Despite the attraction between us, Shelby makes it clear she doesn’t want me to stick around. Her ex-boyfriend abandoned her and she’s determined to protect her fragile heart this time around by pushing me away.

But I will do whatever it takes to show her that I’m not going anywhere.


It’s easy to fall in love with Bear. Despite his fearsome appearance and intimidating line of work as a cage fighter, he’s friendly, resourceful, and he gets my fussy baby Maisie to sleep within seconds, all bundled up in his big, muscled, tattooed arms.

I loved another man once too, though, and that didn’t stop him from walking out on us. My ex-boyfriend left me with an infant and some meager savings buried in a coffee can in the backyard. I can’t give my heart to Bear while I’m too fragile, bruised, and broken to trust him.

When my ex-boyfriend walks back into my life, I’m faced with a life-changing decision. Will I choose the man who fathered my child? Or will I choose the man ready to fight bloody to stay by my side?


Kathy Ivan

When Sheriff Rafe Boudreau catches Tessa Maxwell climbing through the window of a house where she doesn’t belong, the crime rate isn’t the only thing that spikes. Turns out, trouble has followed the small-town schoolteacher to Shiloh Springs, and Rafe and the rest of the Boudreau clan must step in to keep her safe. Can they decipher the clues and end the danger Tessa faces before time runs out?