Friday Romance Reads To Devour 5/10

Friday Romance Reads To Devour 5/10

Lost Love Letters: Book 1 in the Largo Bay Series
Pat Adeff

Welcome to Largo Bay! A beautiful beachside town that follows the McGannon family. If you enjoy family sagas that draw you in with drama, emotion, love, and hope, you’ll love the McGannon’s. Each of the books in this six-book series focuses on the romance of one of the family members while also keeping up with the intertwining worlds surrounding this unforgettable family and their friends, both old and new.

Erin McGannon has lived her life on her own terms, and she is now the owner/operator of The Casablanca, a successful high-end restaurant located on the sugary sand beach in Largo Bay. It has taken her years to achieve her dream of being able to design her own dishes and make people happy with a great meal.

Unfortunately, the only drawback was there hadn’t been any time for romance. Oh, sure, she’d dated a handful of men over the years, but nothing ever panned out, since her restaurant always took priority.

When she got to the point of feeling overwhelmed with not only being the lead chef but also running the business, she reached out and hired a general manager for The Casablanca.

Paul was perfect for the job. He had great ideas, was a hard worker, and seemed to really enjoy the restaurant life. In fact, the restaurant was now making very good money.

The only drawback was the two of them seemed to argue over almost everything. In fact, their bickering was so common, no one who worked at the restaurant thought twice about it.

Both Erin and Paul knew they admired each other. But the fighting was starting to get to both of them.

Until one day, something happens…

Sadie Kincaid

I hate Dante Moretti. He is cold, calculating and vicious. It’s no secret that he wiped out his former fiancée and her entire family on the eve of their wedding. He’s the kind of evil that makes even devils cry.

But that’s not why I hate him.

I hate him because he has taken the only thing I have left in this miserable world – my freedom. He has chained me to him because of a debt that I don’t owe. I just have the misfortune to share the bloodline of the man who does.

And now I’m trapped in his gilded cage and the only thing I have left to do is run. And I try. I really do. But he is everywhere.

Suffocating. All consuming. Intoxicating.

He is a paradox. A man with a heart as cold as ice, whose passion rages like an inferno.

Why does he see into my soul in a way that nobody else ever has? Why does the slightest brush of his skin make my pulse race?

My mom always warned me never to play with matches. But if Dante Moretti is fire, then I want to burn.

Dante is the first book in the Chicago Ruthless series, featuring the Moretti siblings. Each book is a standalone with a HEA. This is a spicy Dark Mafia, enemies to lovers, forced proximity romance, which features scenes of a violent nature as well as those of an explicit sexual nature.


Eden's Ridge Series Starters
Kait Nolan

A collection of 3 full-length novels from USA Today Best Selling and RITA® Award winning author, Kait Nolan

Welcome to Eden’s Ridge, Tennessee. Home to the grilled mac ’n cheese sandwich (at Crystal’s Diner), the Wildcats (division champs in high school football), the world’s greatest foster mom, Joan Reynolds (God rest her soul), and some of the most gorgeous mountain views the Appalachians have to offer.

This set comprises the first novels of three different series set in Eden’s Ridge. It all begins with…

WHEN YOU GOT A GOOD THING: She thought she could never go home again. Kennedy Reynolds has spent the past decade traveling the world as a free spirit. She never looks back at the past, the place, or the love she left behind—until her mother’s unexpected death forces her home to Eden’s Ridge, TN. Will Kennedy be able to bury the past, or will the secret that sent her running destroy her second chance?

LET IT BE ME: With her daughter headed off to college, Emerson has no idea how to feel about her suddenly empty nest. She barely remembers life before motherhood, but firefighter Caleb’s right next door to give her a reminder—along with a toe-curling kiss that catapults them past friends and into something more.

BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE: Run-away writer Ivy finds the inspiration she didn’t know she needed in the real-life hero who rescues her from Winter Stormageddon. As more than the fireplace heats up Harrison's one-man cabin, they both find far more than they bargained for. This intuitive author just might have the answers this haunted Ranger is looking for, but will their newfound connection survive past the storm?


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