Sunday Romance Reads To Devour 2/11

Sunday Romance Reads To Devour 2/11

See Me After Class
Ajme Williams

Three things on my revenge/detective masterplan:

  1. Find out who killed my father
  2. Complete my medical residency with flying colors
  3. NOT fall in love with the three drop dead gorgeous murder suspects

When my adoptive father died, I started a residency at the prestigious Oswald Institute. I have an ulterior motive beside my education – I want to uncover the truth about my father’s death.

It all starts with a list of three names. Three men who want me to stop looking… and start submitting.

There’s John, a charming psychologist… Viktor, an enigmatic, mega-smart doctor… And of course Leon, a charismatic heart surgeon.

At first, I blamed them for everything… but as tensions rise and the heat sizzles, I quickly realize there’s no resisting the three silver foxes who rule Oswald.

Especially not when all three of them want me…


Return to Carmel
(Seaside Dreams & Wishing Wells Book 1)
Kel Summers

Will a return to a childhood memory be her second chance at love and happiness?

Madison Harlow burned all her boats when she moved her life to Carmel-by-the-Sea, a charming coastal California town.
Dealing with a nasty divorce and grieving the death of her father, she has no idea how she’s going to pick up the shattered pieces of her life. What she does know is that a fresh start, far away from her ex to a place like Carmel, feels like exactly what she needs to mend her broken life.

Surrounded by colorful beach houses, with sand underfoot and a collection of eccentric and quirky characters for neighbors, Carmel could have been the perfect picture of tranquility for Madison.

However, carrying on her father’s dream of turning an old mansion into a charming bed and breakfast is quickly overshadowed by the challenges she faces. Not least of which is the handsome yet maddening developer who has his own plans for the old mansion.

Jackson Boone is as brooding as they come, leaving Madison torn between wanting to throw a hammer at him in frustration or wanting to pull him close for a kiss. Which will she decide?

Come meet the charming folks of Carmel-by-the-Sea and lose yourself in a tale of new beginnings, unresolved pasts, and the power of healing love.


Helen Hardt

Your escape into a world of dark mysteries & spicy romance.

A jilted bride. A broken man. A craving that can’t be denied.

After being left at the altar, Jade Roberts seeks solace at her best friend’s ranch on the Colorado western slope. Her humiliation still ripe, she doesn't expect to be attracted to her friend’s reticent brother, but when the gorgeous cowboy kisses her, all bets are off.

Talon Steel is broken. Having never fully healed from a horrific childhood trauma, he simply exists, taking from women what is offered and giving nothing in return…until Jade Roberts catapults into his life. She is beautiful, sweet, and giving, and his desire for her becomes a craving he fears he'll never be able to satisfy.

Passion sizzles between the two lovers…but long-buried secrets haunt them both and may eventually tear them apart.