Thursday Romance Reads To Devour 2/29

Thursday Romance Reads To Devour 2/29

Broken Roads
Brooke Burton

Caroline needs a hero. She came to the small town of Harbor's Head to escape her abusive ex-husband and start her life over. But money’s tight, she has no friends, and most of her family have cut ties with her. And then, there's Julian, her new colleague. Drop-dead gorgeous but a notorious ladies’ man who won't quit trying to smooth-talk his way into her pants. No thanks, she’s finished with men for now.

Until Halloween brings her the superhero of her dreams.

Julian's never met a woman he couldn't conquer…until Caroline walks into his office. The shy but determined beauty blows him away, but his usual methods aren't doing the trick. Then, he gets a second chance at the company’s Halloween party when she doesn't realize that it's him behind the superhero mask. Messaging back and forth after the party, not only does he become her friend and confidante, she becomes his. But what will happen when they meet again, and she finds out who she’s fallen for?

Everything changes for Caroline when her dangerous ex reappears, making demands she’s afraid to refuse. Julian may not be the hero she wants…but he might just be the hero she needs.


One & Done: A Bad Boy, Age Gap, Steamy Romance
(United Front Book 1)
Kelly Jayne

He's hot! Like smoldering on a ninety-degree day hot! He looks like a man I could enjoy all night long!

When she looked into the camera, it felt like she was looking straight into my soul, and a jolt of electricity pulses through me like I haven't felt in years.

Holly Toliver doesn't believe in love. She saw what it did to her parents, and she wants no part of it.

Morgan Drake's had true love once and he doesn't believe he will ever find that same love again.

When Holly's mom dies, she is forced to return home to the life she left behind. Soon after her return she finds a mysterious envelope and the contents throw her into a world of passion and secrets.

Morgan Drake lost his wife in a tragic accident, and the man who killed her basically got off scot-free. Now he, along with his five best friends and brothers-in-arms, run a private investigations firm, offering vigilante justice to those who have been let down by the justice system.

Will they find in each other what they never thought possible? Or will their fears and flaws keep them apart despite the growing passion between them?


Andy: Christmas Holiday Special
Olivia Sinclair

A military friends to lovers Christmas romance

Having to go to my baby sister for help with my love life proves just how badly I’ve screwed things up. (Particularly since she stole my best friend, which still freaks me out.) I’m not entirely convinced that Patton’s plan for a sexy 12 Days of Christmas will win Reeva over from casual friends to lovers. But I’ve got nothing more to lose, so I’m all in.

Santa’s stalking me! But his eyes remind me of Andy, who I left behind in Florida. So it can’t be him, can it? Will he give me the gift I now realize is the only one I really want?

Andy is a short and steamy age gap romance between former neighbors with an HEA.