Tuesday Romance Reads To Devour 11/28

Tuesday Romance Reads To Devour 11/28

Christmas with Four Tattoo Artists
K.C. Crowne

Four Scorching Tattoo Artists.
One truly unforgettable Christmas.

Working at a tattoo studio is everything and more.
Graffiti walls. Pulsating music. And four insanely HOT bosses.

Everything about them brings me to life.
Pierced tongues, playful smirks, and larger than life personalities.

My virgin skin becomes a canvas that ignites their fire…
And the orders they give me leave me weak in the knees.

But as I'm drawn deeper into their world of ink, sin, and danger…
A fierce biker gang threatens to take everything away.

A Christmas miracle shows up in the form of a tiny beating heart…
And one thing becomes crystal clear:
These four daddies are fiercely protective of their family.


Let Me Love You
Lily Foster

One chance meeting
One hot summer night…

Caleb Donovan won't be seeing his sister's roommate again unless he makes it happen, and in his heart he knows that's not a good idea. She's too young, still figuring it all out and trying to find her way.

Infatuation, longing, guilt—he's nothing but a messed up tangle of emotions he wants no part of. He tells himself the feelings will pass because they always do. Caleb doesn't do love, he doesn't believe in forever.

Rene has wanted Caleb since the day she first laid eyes on him, but it will never happen. He’s got it all. What would someone like Caleb see in her, a girl who’s been struggling to keep her head above water since the day she was born?

It's not always rainbows and sunshine…
No, some love stories are messy.


Sinful Duty
Juliette N Banks

Will he outwit his blackmailer or prioritize his heart’s desire?

New York billionaire, Daniel Dufort, is being blackmailed into marriage by a US senator. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect his family dynasty, including recruiting a private security company full of former black ops. Marriage was never on the cards for him and he’s not about to be coerced into it. Then Daniel meets Harper, and what starts as a sexy distraction soon ends with him questioning all his priorities.

Steamy romance author Harper Kane is in Hawaii for business. She has zero interest in a holiday romance, especially not with wealthy, arrogant, and—damn it—gorgeous Daniel Dufort. Passion erupts between them, but Harper soon discovers his heartbreaking secret and how deceit truly feels.