Friday Romance Reads To Devour 5/17

Friday Romance Reads To Devour 5/17

Do-Over with my Ex: An Enemies to Lovers, Second Chance Romance (Forbidden Alpha Billionaires)
Josie Hart

He’s the Italian Stallion who crushed my heart once,
But OH what I wouldn’t give for another ride.

He was a young foreign exchange student,
And we agreed it was just a fling.
Even though I knew in my heart it was more.

Today he’s a full-grown man, impeccably dressed.
Stacked muscles, piercing eyes, and too-good-for-you attitude.
Just my type of red flag.

The history between us runs deep.
I can still remember his taste,
Remember the feel of him inside me.

Hearing my old pet name ghost his lips,
Cara Mia,
And I lose all my inhibitions.

I’m not the same girl I was.
So I should have known better than to let this serial flirt in again.

Because if I don’t keep my distance, he’ll be my undoing.
And I don’t come undone, for anyone.

This enemies to lovers, opposites attract, second chance romance is a complete standalone in an interconnected universe with the other couples making cameos.

Full of intense chemistry, sizzling naughty scenes, and a deeply fulfilling happily ever after to make your heart sing. No cheating and no cliffhangers, ever!


Hexywood: Hollywood Witches Book 3: a paranormal instalove steamy romance novella
Charlii Darling

It's not Hollywood, it's Hexywood.

Gorgeous yet aging movie star Tal Irving knows where to go for a glamour charm. The party-girl witch who keeps a pet turtle as a body guard and has LaLa Land wired from the H in the Hollywood sign to the Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Piers: Hecate “Hexy” Collins.

Hexy’s busy counting stacks and racking flash, but a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive convinces her that Tal’s for real. And being seen and respected for the first time in the steep climb from the streets to her perch in Laurel Canyon feels amazing.

But the Hollywood Hills have eyes…in the form of one King Mother. The viscous and ruthless gossip columnist plants a seed of doubt that soon grows into a vine and chokes the life from the fragile new love affair budding between Hexy and Tal.

Tal rescued Hexy from the grit and danger of the Sunset Strip, but when she gets the chance, will she rescue him right back?


Series Starters
Hannah Ellis

Four full novels in one handy download! This collection of small town romance books is the perfect introduction to Hannah's books. There are no cliffhangers and each book guarantees a happily ever after. If you enjoy wonderfully warm characters and great plots, with incredible settings, this is a set for you!