Monday Romance Reads To Devour 5/20

Monday Romance Reads To Devour 5/20

A. Akinosho

His goal is to take her from her fiancé.
Her goal is to stay loyal to her fiancé.
I'm a confirmed bachelor that's sworn off marriage. My life is perfect until she clings to me in a chaotic restaurant. Minutes later, I watched as another man put a ring on her finger.
I don't care if I must break her engagement to get her. It's simple. I want her. I'm the guy that gets whatever I want, so getting her should be easy.
Then, I find out that I either: Marry her or Walk away.
Can I walk away and watch her marry the fiancé? Hell no!
He's a rich confirmed bachelor. Our paths would have never crossed had I not been knocked on my ass in a restaurant and I cling to him. I thanked him for helping me and went my merry way, accepting my fiancé's proposal minutes after.

Days later, I find myself working in his home, now I see him every day. I'm drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I just need to remind myself of three things every day.

I am engaged.
I can't break my engagement.
I must keep my vow.

Long as I mantra all three daily, it should be easy-peasy working for him, right?


Protected By My Grumpy Hero: An Off Limits Age Gap Romance (Breaking The Rules)
Ella Sloane

Here I am, trying to resist the woman of my dreams.
And what does she do? Handcuff us together.

It was clear from the start. She can’t be mine.

She’s younger, my boss’ daughter, and under my protection.

Her life is threatened and I need to stay focused to keep her safe.

But her tight body and sweet smile is distracting as hell.

Keep it professional. Just follow the rules.

Don’t let her get close.

Don't sleep with her.

Definitely don’t fall in love.

I’ve broken all three and now my heart is on the line.

A grumpy sheriff’s self-restraint is put to the test in this steamy small town romance. An off limits, age gap romance with spicy love scenes, and a swoon worthy happily ever after. Get ready for passion and sizzling slow-burn tension as their undeniable chemistry is put to the test when they’re stuck under one roof. Will their fake relationship seal the deal?


Shea Hulse

In my frenzy, I ran into something without realizing it. Big hands closed over my shoulders as I gripped the chest they belonged to. Under other circumstances, I’d be elated. Green eyes stared back at me, his reddish hair hidden beneath a baseball cap, huge frame swallowing mine easily

Bridget had never considered herself special, odd definitely. But nothing worth looking at twice. And she had never cared to be looked at twice either.

Until Declan, that is.

Then one night Bridget is approached by a strange (and large) dog. Rescued by Declan, he reveals that Bridget may be special after all, a goddess even. And the dog has been sent to protect her.

Does she have the strength to defeat a powerful witch and her three sons? Why is Declan involved in magic and mystery anyway? And can she save Ruad, her handsome mentor and the God of Knowledge into this new world? As they dig deeper, they uncover that they all have more in common than just their troubled pasts.

The Ulster Cycles are a part of Irish mythology, and this novel depicts characters from the old stories in a new and creative light. While much is taken from these oral stories, this novel is a historical romance loosely based on them.

With magic, mystery, and romance involved this is a novel about discovering your hidden potential and breaking past limiting beliefs.


Delicate Ink
Carrie Ann Ryan

NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan begins her binge-worthy Montgomery Ink series with a bachelor ready to finally settle down and the one woman he shouldn’t have.

One look at the woman who comes in for new ink and Austin Montgomery knows she’s the one for him. The problem: she can’t stand him. Now he’ll have to be his most charming and brooding if he has any chance of changing her mind…and claiming her heart.

Sierra Elder has reasons for keeping away and secrets close to her heart. An accident took her first love and scarred more than her soul in the process. Now the inked man with a wicked grin is starting to melt the ice she’s built to keep her safe, but the danger isn’t only from what she feels.

Some secrets were never meant to be kept and when mistakes from both of their pasts come knocking, they’ll have to trust each other, even if it could hurt them both in the process.